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Chantel  and her team helped me out with my taxes this year for the first time and I couldn't be happier. They were professional and communicative the whole way through. We sat down, talked over a strategy, and put it in place. I appreciated the thorough reports for each year they filed or amended my taxes. They make a stressful task super easy. I couldn't recommend them more.

It was such a pleasure to work with Chantel.  She was very responsive and we were pleasantly surprised by how quickly she plugged in the details and came back to us with questions.  She knew the intricacies of the system and was able to help us significantly reduce the amount of taxes we paid for last year.  I was so impressed with Chantel and will continue to work with her year over year.  She is fast, efficient, and genuinely kind.


Between my husband and I, we have four jobs, one business and work in three states.  Our taxes are complicated!  This past year, the IRS wanted us to pay several hundred dollars.  Chantel found a mistake the IRS had made and represented us.  Not only did we not have to pay, we got a substantial return.  We have complete confidence in Chantel and know that we are getting the maximum return.



Chantel did an excellent job of both completing my taxes in a timely manner and always responding to my many emails with questions.  Chantel went beyond the call of duty to help me.  I count her as a trustworthy tax professional , and I would highly recommend her for any and all tax preparation assistance."


My husband and I had always gotten by on free online tax programs, but then his company  restructured to make him a contract employee rather than hourly.  Suddenly his taxes became a lot more complicated.  We spent hours and hours trying to figure out which tax programs would work for our new situation and reading tax codes online (which is not for the faint of heart).  Finally we decided to ask someone who know more than us.  Chantel was a complete lifesaver!  She knew exactly what to do and not only helped us file correctly but saved us hundreds of dollars.  She went the extra mile, making sure that we understood everything she was doing and what we should do next.  She even followed up afterwards to make sure everything turned out okay and filed an extension for us just in case something came up, which we ended up needing.  She obviously knows her stuff backwards and forwards, and she is great at explaining things.  I would highly recommend her services.

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