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Break-Even Analysis        Find out how many and the price to sell your products
                                         for a profit.



Business Valuation           Calculates your business valuation based using
                                         discounted cash flows.



Cash Flow Calculator        Determine the cash flow generated by your business.



Financial Ratios                Calculate solvency, liquidity, operational efficiency and



Inventory Analysis           Determine how much inventory you should hold, and
                                         efficient timing of your inventory orders.



Like-Kind Exchanges         Calculate the recognized loss or gain and the basis for a
                                          Like Kind Exchange.



Net Operating Loss           For sole proprietorships, determine the carryback/
                                         carryover of your loss to another tax year.



Profit Margin Calculator   Determine the selling price for your products to achieve
                                          a desired profit margin.



Working Capital Needs     Calculate what you need to pay short-term obligations
                                          such as your accounts payable and buying inventory.

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